quick facts about me

I specialize in photographing families, children, maternity, newborn and headshots.  As a mom to three boys, I'm familiar with the chaos of a family shoot and embrace it.  I enjoy talking with children, making them laugh and snapping their photo during a genuine laugh. I can also appreciate how fast goes.  One minute they are a toddler and you blink and they are a tween! I'd like to help you capture that moment in time. What if you could spend an hour with your family interacting, having fun, looking beautiful and have it all documented? I will do that for you.  We will work together to discuss ideas for your session including location & wardrobe styling, and then execute your vision into a reality.  Once we have finished your session, I will guide you in creating beautiful wall galleries or an album so you have keepsakes for generations to come.

Being pregnant and having that brand new baby is such a special time in life that deserves to be remembered.  There is such beauty in pregnancy and even more when that new baby comes.  Don't miss out on the opportunity to save that moment of teeny tiny toes, or how their whole head fits in the palm of your hand.  I can do that for you.

With two kids in the modeling industry, I know how important headshots can be.  They can make or break getting the job.  Just as importantly, a professional headshot is your first introduction to a business or new client. 
I strive to deliver images that make you smile. 

Hello there!  I'm Alison Donahue and I'm passionate about creating memories that last a lifetime for you and your family.


+ I'm always excited to find a new location to shoot. 

+ I have two sisters and had no idea how I was going to raise 3 boys.  I've managed though.

+ I don't drink coffee or tea.

+ I used to shoot weddings but found I love kids and families way more.

+ I use my library card like it's going out of business.  Total book nerd.
+ The beach is my happy place, or a bakery.  It's a toss up. 

quick facts about me

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my style

When we take photos, I want the focus to be on you.  Whether that's you as a family unit, or you as an individual.  I want you to be comfortable and have fun.  I'm just there to document the beauty that exists between families loving one another or you as your own true self. It's rare that I want you to look at the camera.

classic & fun

my design style

It's a toss up between a glass of champagne or a buttery Chardonnay.

happy hour drink

my go to

I became interested in photography after our wedding.  I received our wedding images and was so thankful someone managed to capture the joy we felt on that day.  If I could give someone else that same sense of joy about their family, children, or even themselves it would make me so happy.


why i became a

I adore Fall.  I love everything about the season from pumpkins, to sweaters, leggings and boots, and Halloween!  Cooler nights that become darker earlier just provide me an excuse to snuggle up at home with a yummy candle burning.

is Fall

my favorite season

There are so many gorgeous places to visit, but I think my favorite has to be Hawaii.  Everything about being there feels like relaxing.  Ocean waves, scented plumeria, and friendly people rank high on my list.

place to visit

my favorite

- I grew up in the Bay Area and feel so blessed to live in a place that has such natural beauty.
- I've been a photographer for 13 years.
- Meeting new people makes me happy.
- Baking is one of my hobbies, particularly making cookies & sourdough
- I love to read and can recommend you a book anytime.

A little bit more about me

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