Baby’s 1st Photo Session


August 19, 2020

family photo session

To say that I was excited to take these photos is an understatement. This Mama was the Kindergarten teacher for my two older boys. We all loved her so much. She now has a family of her own and has left our school, but the memories we have of our time with her are so cherished.

She contacted me in the early part of 2020 to schedule some family photos. We had a date set and then baby girl became sick. We rescheduled and then the pandemic hit. Then the pandemic stayed for awhile and everyone’s hair became shaggy and unphotogenic. Finally, outdoor photography was allowed, dad went to another county for a haircut, and we were able to do the photoshoot! I was so happy to meet that cute baby girl who had grown 3 more months since our first planned shoot.

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